Is your beauty cupboard full of products containing unpronounceable ingredients? Are you struggling to eat healthy as its extremely inconvenient? Is your home filled with toxic products?

Goodness Cart was born when our founder was frustrated by the mass availability of chemical laden products. Having worked with large brands who (often) entice customers with marketing gimmicks to purchase high priced products filled with harmful chemicals, she vowed to make a change. Her vision was to create a trusted outlet that brought together natural, organic, non-toxic and high-performance products.

After countless hours of consumer research and data findings, Geeta found that she was not the only one having similar difficulties and that there was a huge demand for this in the region. A lot of people were online shopping from the US, some were checking in excess luggage whilst on holiday in the UK and others were bribing friends to bring in products from Australia. Having lived previously in the UK, she was convinced that finding natural products in the UAE should not be this difficult!

The Goodness Cart team set out on their mission and started to travel around the world to source only the finest, seasonal products and brands along with actionable information that empowers you and your family to live well every day. In Spring 2018, the UAE homegrown brand Goodness Cart was born and today it is fast becoming the go-to lifestyle brand for the conscious consumer.

What is Goodness Cart?

We are a lifestyle brand and community that is dedicated to offering organic and natural alternatives. Providing you with simple, quick and insightful access to ethically sourced and quality products across Lifestyle, Beauty, Food, Home & Living and Baby Products.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a healthy lifestyle is a right, not a luxury. Being good to yourself, your family and the environment is what Goodness Cart is ultimately about and our lifestyle brand has been designed and catered to you, the modern conscious consumer, in mind.

Not only do we sell the best natural products, but our digital platform offers educational articles, easy-to-follow recipes, recommendations and starter kits that will help inspire and motivate you to live an honest and happy lifestyle. We value your opinion, your wellness, and your trust and welcome you all to the Goodness Cart Community!



With a lack of fresh produce in the region, it can be difficult to find the best quality products for you and your family to enjoy together around the dinner table. We strongly believe that good, quality food is essential to living your best life and travel great lengths to source the finest ingredients possible so that you can enjoy nourishing dishes that are ethical, taste great and are good for our bodies, as well as the planet. Our produce is accessible for all and we hope to inspire you with our foolproof starter kits and some delicious recipes to make mealtimes that little extra bit happier and healthier.  From the most discerning chefs to those who prefer a simpler approach, we truly believe we have something for everyone.



With more and more of us making the switch to a cleaner lifestyle, this is also apparent in our desire for natural beauty products. Here at Goodness Cart you simply needn’t worry about any of our stocked beauty items containing anything toxic, harmful or unnatural. Clean Beauty is important to us as we’ve often read the harmful health effects of toxins in mass beauty brands leading to hormone disruption, skin irritation, and cancer. Therefore, we are very stringent in offering you simple skin care solutions that are clean and made without a long list of harmful ingredients. If it contains parabens, synthetic fragrances, and chemicals of any nature, rest assured it will not make the Goodness Cart beauty cut.



We are very passionate about helping you find the purest and most natural products for the most important little people in your lives. Giving your child the best start possible and creating good habits that instill valuable and ethical beliefs that will last a lifetime is of utmost importance to us. As such we are proud to have scoured and searched for the finest natural brands for your babies. From dinnerware to detergents, organic snacks to baby bath, we are confident that we offer a solution to all of your baby needs, all just a simple click away.



Our offering does not stop at food and beauty. Our passion is to educate and offer an array of products that cover your overall daily lifestyle needs whilst minimizing the use of harmful compounds and toxins. We carefully source to ensure all products we offer are better for you and for the environment. We have tightly curated an array of products including cleaning supplies made with natural ingredients, non-toxic cookware free of PFOA, beautiful handwoven home and tabletop accessories along with our soon to be launched ethically sourced jewelry and fashion lines.