A healthy diet should consist of at least two portions of fish a week, one of which should be an oily fish such as Salmon or fresh Tuna.  Aside from being deliciously healthy and tasty, fish is loaded with lots of your important daily nutrients including protein and Vitamin D. Fish is also an amazing source of omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for the brain – it isn’t nicknamed ‘brain food’ for anything! But how do you know you are buying the freshest and best seafood possible? How do you know how reputable your supplier is? Or how sustainable the seafood you are buying is? Step forward, our loyal and reputable supplier – Chefee The Fishmonger.

We are big seafood fans at Goodness Cart and after much research have found the perfect solution to ensure you are able to include more fresh and sustainable seafood in your diet. Let us introduce you to Chefee The Fishmonger – a real success story and 100% coveted by us.  We are very proud to have partnered with the brand to offer you the finest and freshest seafood and shellfish caught and prepared locally. The first seafood delivery service in the UAE, Chefee is an avid fish lover who saw a gap in the market to provide fresh, local fish that was non-frozen and non-defrosted. Chefee The Fishmonger noticed that these methods of supplying fish, although looked great, tasted substandard and after the company he initially worked for closed down, this gave Chefee The Fishmonger an opportunity to live his passion and start his brand. Initially catering to a few friends and their families, the service became incredibly popular and we are thrilled to stock their superior quality fish on goodnesscart.com. From Red Snapper, Wild Mackerel and Sea Bream to Salmon, Sea Bass and much much Ha-mour(!), Chefee The Fishmonger is your go-to for all things seafood in the UAE.

How do you enjoy your fish? Did you know fish that is steamed or baked is a much healthier choice than fried fish which can increase the fat content largely? If you like the sound of eating more seafood but are a little unsure where to start, we will be bringing you some of the most simple yet delicious recipes to have you well on your way to a richer and healthier diet!

Shop our full range of fish and shellfish today and share your favorite home-cooked seafood recipes with us.

Shop better, live better

The Goodness Cart Team! xx

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