Maha El Gazzar Fitness
Staying fit during Ramadan can be quite challenging and even more so now as we battle this global pandemic together. However, with the right combination of diet and exercise, anything is possible. Today, we look to Maha El Gazzar, a
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The Goodness Company Vegan Chocolate
Following the events of the past few months, it is no secret that health has moved to the top of the society’s priority list. As we monitor our diets, surroundings, friends and family closer than ever before it is imperative
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As we’ve become accustomed to prioritising at-home workouts versus going to the gym we look to the expertise of  Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Expert & Certified Fitness Coach Hanna Salem, on how to stay fit from home and prioritise our
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As we get accustomed to Zoom Calls and DIY home repairs there’s also been a shocking amount of time for meal-prep or in this instance baking. Infact, a tap into Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter will reveal that more of
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Facts on Veganism
As we quarantine from home and monitor our every move with hawk-like precision it has become vital to explore the benefits of alternative diets, particularly veganism. As more consumers switch to plant-based/vegan diets we explore three previously unpublished facts on
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